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Clinically Proven Compression Therapy

30min Boots Session $30

Memberships from $25pw

Perform at your best with compression therapy

Compression therapy is a clinically proven treatment to increase circulation, reduce muscle soreness and help you perform at your best.

Reform’s industry-leading NormaTec Compression Boots use compressed air to inflate and relax in segments, mimicking the natural muscle pump of the body to mobilise waste products, speed recovery and enhance lymphatic drainage.

The boots feel like a deep pressure, relaxing massage over the legs. Once you remove the boots, you will experience a light weightless feeling.

NormaTec Compression Boots were originally developed as a medical device to help improve blood flow and speed up the recovery progress. Multiple research studies investigating the effects of compression therapy have shown remarkable benefits to health, wellbeing and performance.

We recommend using the Compression Boots at least 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes for best results. They are best used anytime right after training, competition, travel or a gruelling day at work.

Discover the benefits

How can compression therapy benefit me?

Compression boot therapy may assist with

- Reduce muscle soreness

- Recover faster

- Warm up quickly

- Reduce fatigue

- Improve circulation

- Enhance lymphatic drainage

- Reduce swelling

How do I get started?

Treatment starts in a few easy steps

At Reform, your safety is our priority and like all procedures and treatments, compression therapy does carry risks for certain people.

Before your initial treatment, we advise that you receive clearance from your medical practitioner to ensure you are an appropriate candidate for this therapy.

A compression boot session take as little as 30 minutes.

Please wear either shorts, tights or compression pants to your appointment as loose fitting clothing can become uncomfortable.

All of our treatments can be booked online at your convenience.

If you’re tired of feeling average, and you want to strive for optimal performance, we can help.

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