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Standard Consultation 50min $150

Speak your mind, be heard and get empowered

Mindset Coaching provides people with the opportunity to be heard, share their views and gain perspectives on their situation and experience in order to work towards their goals.

Working with a mindset coach is just like chatting to a friend, you talk through whatever is on your mind and take comfort in knowing your concerns are heard and acknowledged.

People will often speak with a counsellor to gain external perspectives on personal topics they don't want to bother loved ones with as they feel very private. Gaining this perspective is often an integral part of helping people first identify blockers then work towards achieving their desired goals in life.

Counselling is a safe, confidential and collaborative therapy that promotes mental health and wellbeing, it enhances self-understanding and resolves identified concerns with our counsellors ensuring our clients are active participants in the process at every stage.

Our counsellors are trained and registered and provide you with a genuine, caring and empathic response to your concerns. All tools and techniques used are evidence based and can be used to support you or help you to move through the difficulty, problems, feelings, behaviours, thoughts or situations that are you experiencing.

Counselling may be covered in part by your private health fund

How can counselling benefit me?

Our counsellors can assist you with

- Relationships and marriage

- Vocational or career

- Performance and wellbeing

- Family therapy

- Trauma

- Drug and alcohol

- Rehabilitation

- Grief and loss

- Depression and anxiety

- Sex therapy

How do I get started?

Treatment starts in a few easy steps

Seeing our counsellors is easy. You only need to take the first step and book in for a Standard Consultation which will include a thorough confidential discussion about your concerns.

Your counsellor will then advise your next steps, which may require further referral based on your specific therapy needs.

1-on-1 Counselling Consultations

Private & Confidential

Mindset & Life Coaching

Gain Insight & Clarity

Person Centred Therapy

Self Empowerment

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Act & Think Differently

Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Focus & Remain Present

Stress Management

Learn Behaviour Techniques

Our Counselling Therapies

Counselling may be covered in part by your private health fund

Naturopath Reform Clinics

Standard Consultation

Shaun Williams

50min | $150

Sometimes you know something feels off and you just need someone to talk to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need help right now?

If you are in Australia and it’s an emergency, then immediately dial 000.

We understand that sometimes you may need additional support.

Click here for additional support services.

Can I speak face to face or via telehealth?

We have the option for you to speak with our counsellors both online and via telehealth.

If you would prefer to speak via telehealth, when you book your appointment just let us know.

Can I connect confidentially?

We are legally obliged to keep all your information confidential. The only time we can breach this commitment to confidentiality is:

- when we consider you to be a risk to yourself, or someone else

- when a child is at risk (all health care workers must report child abuse)

- where a significant crime has been committed

- where your counselling records are requested by law

Please see our Privacy Policy for details.

Can I obtain a medicare rebate for counselling?

Counselling services are not currently included in the Australian Medicare rebate scheme. However, please check directly with your private insurer as rebates may be provided.

Unlike Medicare appointments, at Reform you can choose your own treatment, your own counsellor and the number of sessions.

Do I require a referral from my GP?

No, you do not need a referral from your GP, however, you are free to get one if you like.

Is there a limit on the number of sessions?

No, this is dictated by you.

What if I can't see a suitable time in the bookings?

When booking, there is an option to add your name to a waitlist. However, we recommend you submit an enquiry to us and we will try to accommodate a time that works.

How do I connect on the day of my appointment?

For face to face: you will receive an appointment notification email and reminder sms prior to your appointment with details on our clinic location and what to do when you arrive.

For telehealth: we will send a link for our online session a few hours before the appointment. You do not require additional software for this meeting. A couple of minutes before your allocated time, get yourself comfortable, make sure you are in a private, safe space and, when ready, click on the provided link. You will enter the meeting once we have logged in.

What if I can't attend an appointment that I have made?

We know unexpected things happen. If for some reason you need to postpone or cancel your appointment, please provide 24hrs notice. Failure to do so will incur the full session fee.

Mon-Fri 9-7 / Sat 10-1 (By Appointment)

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