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1:1 Private Personal Training & Nutrition

45min & 60min 1:1 coaching sessions in a fully equipped private gym

Any journey starts with you taking action

At Reform our coaches know that achieving optimal health, body composition, injury rehabilitation and performance outcomes requires a multi-faceted, tailored approach.⁠

Diet and exercise is only part of the equation.⁠

We know cookie-cutter plans don’t work.⁠

The key to looking, feeling and performing at your best lies in managing and optimising your sleep, stress, digestion, lifestyle, training and nutrition.⁠

When you work with one of our highly experienced and passionate coaches, they will provide everything you need to achieve your full potential, including tailored training programs, bespoke nutrition plans, and supplementation recommendations.⁠

They will conduct a thorough, in-depth lifestyle and nutrition assessment, goal setting and screening process so they can provide specific, tailored plans to help you achieve lasting results.⁠

They monitor your progress through regular check-ins and program reviews to help you stay motivated and on track.⁠

How can personal training benefit me?

Our coaches can assist you with

- General Fitness

- Body transformation

- Nutritional programming

- Fat loss

- Muscle building

- Strength and conditioning

- Bodybuilding competition prep

- Sports performance

- Mobility and function

- Mindset and lifestyle change

What are the options?

Our packages suit your lifestyle and goals

We offer 45min (1:1) and our all inclusive Premium 60min (1:1) face-to-face coaching options each designed to suit your personal goals and needs.

Our face-to-face personal training sessions are a bespoke service, tailored to your unique health, fitness and performance goals. You will be assigned one of our expert coaches to guide and overlook your progress. All sessions take place within our private studio purposely designed to provide a premium one on one coaching experience.

Our all-inclusive 60min Reform Premium Coaching is the ultimate transformation package! It is best suited for those with very specific goals who want to optimise their health and performance. We combine your nutrition and training into one coherent program, with your expert Reform or Master Coach leading and supporting you throughout your journey.

Our 45min Reform Coaching packages are suitable for those who want the benefits of working with our expert Reform coaches and following a well-structured, periodised and bespoke training program. It is best suited to those with fairly general goals of losing fat, getting stronger and building muscle, and do not require or want nutritional programming.

All programs are delivered via our app which you can download onto your phone. Each new training block will be loaded into your personal profile after the completion of each phase.

What do we include?

Our packages are all inclusive

Our coaches will assess your goals, lifestyle, nutrition and movement patterns so that they can provide specific, tailored plans that optimise your health, performance and body composition.

Your coach will help you manage and optimise your training, diet, sleep, stress, digestion and lifestyle to achieve outstanding results.

In addition to your face-to-face sessions, our coaching packages include:

- weekly check ins and program reviews

- measurements and progress tracking

- structural balance assessment

- nutrition and lifestyle consultation

- BioSignature modulation body fat assessments*

- custom training plans and programming

- nutritional guidance and meal plans*

- supplementation recommendations

- goal setting and mindset coaching

All coaching is completed over a minimum 12 week commitment because as we well know, it takes 3 months to make any new habit stick!

We want to set you up for success - we want you to reform.

*Premium Coaching only

Your Reform Coaches

Osteopath Reform Clinics

Anna McManamey

Coaching Director & Master Coach

Osteopath Reform Clinics

Sam Wells

Reform Coach

Osteopath Reform Clinics

Aarvi Sandhu

Physiotherapist & Reform Coach

Osteopath Reform Clinics

Josh Harrington

Reform Coach

Our people who've reformed

Weight Loss Body Transformation
Weight Loss Body Transformation
Weight Loss Body Transformation
Weight Loss Body Transformation
Weight Loss Body Transformation
Weight Loss Body Transformation
Weight Loss Body Transformation
Weight Loss Body Transformation
Weight Loss Body Transformation
Weight Loss Body Transformation
Weight Loss Body Transformation

Our people who've competed

Bodybuilding Compeition Prep Bikini
Bodybuilding Compeition Prep Bikini
Bodybuilding Compeition Prep Bikini
Bodybuilding Compeition Prep Bikini
Bodybuilding Compeition Prep Bikini
Bodybuilding Compeition Prep Bikini
Bodybuilding Compeition Prep Bikini
Bodybuilding Compeition Prep Bikini
Bodybuilding Compeition Prep Bikini

If you’re tired of feeling average and you want to strive for optimal performance, we can help.



Cutting-edge body fat assessments

Did you know that the body stores fat in different areas based on your hormones, lifestyle & nutrition?

BioSignature Modulation is a method of health and body fat assessment developed by the late Charles Poliquin.⁠

It involves taking skin fold measurements at 12 sites on the body. Those measurements are then entered into a software program which calculates total body fat and also identifies which areas of the body have excessive fat levels that are out of proportion.⁠

For example, if you carry a high percentage of body fat in your glutes and hamstrings, this is indicative of Oestrogen excess or dominance.⁠

If you hold a higher percentage of fat in the lower abdominals, then the stress hormone Cortisol is a likely culprit.⁠

We can then use this information to better customise a clients' nutrition, training, lifestyle and supplementation plan, based on their unique profile.⁠

What can a BioSignature test tell you?⁠

- How well you tolerate carbohydrates

- Your stress levels

- How well you sleep

- If you're overtraining

- Hormonal imbalances

- Levels of inflammation

- Changes in body composition

BioSignature assessments are included at no extra charge in our Premium 60min (1:1) coaching packages when you work with a Reform Master Coach.

You can also make an appointment for a once-off BioSignature assessment and consultation. Send us an enquiry for pricing and availability.

Structural Balance


Identify structural, muscular and mechanical imbalances

In order to excel in your training and minimise risk of injury, it is critical to identify any compensatory movement patterns and imbalances that may have developed as a result of lifestyle factors and repetitive actions.

All of our personal training clients are required to undergo a Structural Balance Assessment upon commencement of their training. This assessment includes a series of active and passive tests to identify any structural, muscular and mechanical imbalances, as well as any compensation issues that may be present. Once identified, a training program can be written to correct the issues and guide you towards improving your health, fitness, performance and body composition.

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