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Pilates is a form of controlled training that helps to improve strength, endurance and flexibility while assisting in developing your overall health and fitness.

Core engagement in pilates helps to promote functional movement of the body.

The key to moving better is to have increased flexibility, functionality and stability. Pilates uses a full-body approach suitable to people of all abilities, ages and genders.

Flexibility is achieved through core-powered muscle engagement which helps increase overall range of motion.

Functionality develops when the core and muscles are strong and stable working in tandem with the superficial muscles of the trunk supporting the spine.

Stability is achieved when the spine is aligned supported by the core and bones.

When you work with one of our highly experienced instructors, they will ensure you have everything you need to achieve your goals including development of any tailored programs or lifestyle recommendations.

How can pilates

benefit me?

Our instructors can assist you with

- Injury rehabilitation

- Strength and conditioning

- Sports recovery and performance

- Mobility and function

- Posture and flexibility

- Balance and body awareness

- Postural improvement

- Lung capacity and breathwork

- Safe and gentle return to activities

What are the options?

Session options vary but are suited to your needs

We offer 1:1 private and 3:1 semi private sessions.

Our 1:1 private sessions are a bespoke service that includes a tailored program suited to your specific needs. You will be assigned one of our expert instructors who will guide you through each session overlooking your progress.

Our 3:1 semi private sessions are also a bespoke service including tailored programs, however, they are typically mixed and delivery may be altered depending on the attendees specific needs.

All sessions run for 45mins and are undertaken in our private studio purposefully designed to provide a private training experience.

How do I get started?

Training starts in a few easy steps

When you have decided which type of session you prefer you simply submit an enquiry directly to us.

Once you submitted an enquiry, we will reach out to you to have a discussion about your specific needs and to arrange for payment of your pilates package - prepayment is now required to secure your session timeslot.

If this is your first time doing pilates with us, you will need to undertake a full pre-exercise consultation.

The pre-exercise consultation is a fully private 1:1 consultation designed to further explore any of your goals and limitations then we establish experience before moving you into any 1:1 or 3:1 sessions.

This pre-exercise consultation will either use 1x1:1 or 2x3:1 sessions depending on which training option you have selected.

3:1 Clinical Pilates

Multi pack options

12 Pack + 24 Pack Options

Starting at $40 Per Session

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1:1 Clinical Pilates

Multi pack options

12 Pack + 24 Pack Options

Starting at $75 Per Session

Secure Your Preferred Time

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