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Naturopathic Medicine

First Consultation 60min $195

Review Consultation 45min $110

Only Telehealth appointments are available at this time. Please send us as enquiry if you cannot find a suitable booking.

Treat the underlying cause, not just the symptom

Naturopathy is a holistic framework used to assess and find solutions to your health concerns.

Our Naturopaths take bloods, functional pathology tests and thorough systems investigations to identify the root cause of your ailments, rather than only treating symptoms.

At its roots, Naturopathy combines ancient knowledge, traditional wisdom and modern science to bring clients a tailored method of practice that is designed to treat the whole person while optimizing the individual in every aspect – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Being a less invasive way of promoting optimal health, Naturopathy uses a tailored treatment approach, adopting individualised solutions to directly treat your health issues and manage chronic disease.

Your Naturopath will advise on diet and lifestyle choices while working with you to create a fully individualised protocol that may include herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and customised compounds that are completely tailored to your needs.

How can naturopathy benefit me?

Our naturopaths can assist you with

- Skin concerns

- Hormonal imbalance

- Fertility, pregnancy and recovery

- Sexual health concerns

- Digestive and gut issues

- Insomnia, anxiety and stress

- Anaemia, and other nutritional deficiencies

- Unexplained fatigue and recurrent tiredness

- Immune conditions, frequent illness or UTIs

How do I get started?

Treatment starts in a few easy steps

If you have never seen our naturopath before you will first need to book in for a First Consultation which will include a thorough case history and examination of your health concerns.

Your naturopath will then advise your next steps, which may require further investigation and testing and diet and lifestyle recommendations as part of your personalised treatment plan.

Non-Invasive Natural Therapies

No-Harm Treatment Approach

Chronic Disease Management

Preventative Medicine

Individualised Treatment Plans

Extensive Patient Exams

Herbal Dietary Supplements

Customised To Your Needs

Integrative Pathology Testing

Marker Investigations

Lifestyle and Diet Advice

Attitudes and Behaviours

Our Naturopathic Treatments

Only Telehealth appointments are available at this time. Please send us an enquiry if you cannot find a suitable booking.

Naturopath Reform Clinics

First Consultation (Telehealth)

Kate Smyth

60min | $195

Naturopath Reform Clinics

Review Consultation (Telehealth)

Kate Smyth

45min | $110

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